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Posted on 28 Sep 2021


Given the increased focus on acoustics within building design, and with people spending more time indoors than ever before, Aliaxis UK, the global experts in fluid management solutions, is reaffirming the performance of its Marley dBlue acoustic soil drainage system. Purpose-designed with acoustics in mind, dBlue is proven to reduce noise to 10dB at 2 l/s, when using the Phonoklip® bracket.

While conversation around acoustics and building design will often focus on the role of insulation to help create a quiet, comfortable and welcoming environment, a building’s soil and waste drainage system can also have a big impact on acoustics. Whether its air-borne sound generated by waste water flowing through the network of pipes or structure-borne sound, caused by the vibration of pipework and fittings, both can have a negative effect on the internal environment.

Aliaxis UK’s Marley dBlue acoustic soil system is proven to reduce noise and acoustic vibrations to a level of 10dB at 2 l/s with the Phonoklip® Bracket.[1] A patented acoustic body bracket, the Phonoklip® encompasses a unique body section which works to absorb noise generated from the pipework into the building structure. Alternatively, with the dBlue bracket, the system can provide excellent acoustic properties of only 13dB at 2 l/s.[2]

A purpose-designed sound reducing drainage system, the dBlue soil range from Aliaxis UK offers outstanding sound insulation properties, thanks to its triple-layer pipe structure and acoustic pipe brackets.

Ideal for use in multi-occupancy applications, as well as hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings, dBlue is also lightweight, resistant to temperature change and quick and easy to install, with a secure push-fit jointing system.

David Barker, Head of Category Management at Marley Plumbing & Drainage, said: “Ensuring good acoustics has long been a priority within building design, achieved through the development and specification of innovative products and solutions. Now, with people spending more time inside their homes than ever before, the subject of acoustics has perhaps never been so prevalent.

“Given this, we work hard to ensure that our customers are provided with the tools, products and knowledge needed to help deliver a drainage system that contributes to this quiet and comfortable internal environment. In addition to the Marley dBlue acoustic soil system, which is renowned in the plumbing industry for its excellent sound reduction qualities, we also offer our CIBSE-accredited Acoustic Drainage CPD, aimed at raising awareness of acoustics within the plumbing sector. More recently, we have updated our online BIM library, with BIM files for our dBlue system now available to download from the Marley website, enabling a more efficient planning and technical design process.”

A bespoke fabrication service is also offered by Aliaxis UK for the dBlue acoustic soil system, in which all stacks are pre-assembled in a controlled factory environment according to specification, before being delivered to site.

 To learn more about Aliaxis UK and the Marley dBlue system, or to download the newly updated dBlue brochure, please visit: www.marleypd.co.uk.


[1] According to testing conducted at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to EN 14366

[2] According to testing conducted at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to EN 14366

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