Timber Topics – August 2022 – Durable and environmentally friendly Explore the benefits of modified woods

04 Aug 2022

The science of modified timber

Modified woods can offer a wide range of benefits to merchants and your customers. Woods are considered modified when a chemical, biological or physical agent is introduced to the material to enhance its natural properties.

This is different from other processes because the modification process actually changes the wood itself, often making it more stable, more durable, and more resistant to rot or decay, depending on the agent that is used.

The end result is the creation of a more long-lasting product that benefits the entire supply chain. The end user gets a product that often requires less maintenance during its service life, while the tradesperson can create a structure built from top-end materials, enhancing their reputation for quality. As a merchant you can upsell modified woods for better margins, extending sales opportunities and, again, enhancing your reputation for offering quality products and strong technical advice.

Know where to start

Modified wood products are becoming increasingly popular as tradespeople and specifiers become more aware of the benefits, and a number of Timber Development UK members already offer modified woods as part of their product range. These products are frequently used for decking, flooring and cladding, as they can offer extra long warranties – even up to 50 years depending on the application.

Some examples of modified woods available to the UK market include ThermoWood®, Accoya®, Kebony®, and GripDeck® thermally modified timber. To find a TDUK supplier visit

Helping the environment

Another key benefit of modified woods is that they keep carbon dioxide (CO2) locked away for longer, thanks to their extended lifespan. As we continue the drive towards a more sustainable economy, architects and specifiers are looking for new ways to reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment, and modified woods can offer real benefits.

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