Smith’s Caspian Fan UVC Convectors Installed Discreetly In Historic Stately Home

14 Jun 2022

Following the successful installation of Smith’s Caspian fan convectors as part of a conversion to the stables at Grittleton House near Chippenham the owners contacted Smith’s for a sympathetic solution for the heating upgrade for the ground floor area of the main house. Today Grittleton House is a magnificent wedding venue.

The challenge for Simon Butcher, Senior Technical Services Manager at Smith’s, was to find a solution that would be ‘invisible’ so as not to impact on the building aesthetics and also provide enough heat when required to heat the very large spaces quickly and maintain the comfort levels without intruding acoustically. Finally, the solution would need to work with both oil boilers and biomass heat generators.

Using the hidden brick ducting running from the service passages under the floors and up into the impressive reception rooms and hall Caspian UVC fan convectors were installed in the subterranean wine cellars and service passages beneath the stately home. The ducts were cleverly employed to assist in the transfer of warm air from the Caspian UVC fan convectors to heat the vast spaces above.

The use of Caspian UVC meant that the brief of providing heat emitters that could heat the very large spaces quickly whilst avoiding having any emitters within the historical spaces was achieved.

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