Monarch Water breaks new ground with launch of Combiclean and audible alarm

Posted on 11 Jun 2018

Monarch Water breaks new ground with launch of Combiclean and audible alarm

Having identified a gap in the scale protection market, Monarch Water are set to launch its unique ‘point of use’ scale prevention and corrosion system, Combiclean.

The new protection system is considered ground-breaking in so much that it is the only product currently available to offer a 360 degree turntable connection and audible alarm feature, all in a single unit.

Part L compliant product Combiclean, has been designed to provide high capacity protection for the hot water system, boiler and appliances against scale formation and corrosion. The newly launched system’s compact design, ease of installation and use makes it an efficient solution to help households become more energy efficient, reduce energy costs and extend the life of their appliances i.e. boiler/unvented cylinder etc.

Designed to be both compact and light weight, its 360° rotating connector allows installers to fit it at varying angles, being particularly suited for hard-to-reach locations and small technical areas. The system is suitable for both 15mm and 22mm pipe work.

Fitting is simple, being plumbed directly on to the cold water supply to the combi boiler and/or unvented system, the Combiclean uses the household water supply to power itself. As a result, no batteries or connection to the power mains are needed.

The system’s revolutionary acoustic alarm has been designed to automatically notify when the cartridge is nearly empty and needs replacing to protect households from the threats of scale and corrosion, giving peace of mind 24/7.

Apart from the annual* cartridge replacement, Combiclean requires no other maintenance. Its built-in and easy to use bypass system allows the replacement of the compact refill cartridge without interrupting the household’s water supply. The simple cartridge change takes less than 5 minutes.

The unique dosing system in the Combiclean food grade cartridge ensures a controlled and accurate protection against scale deposits and damage. The cartridge is also effective against issues with low pH that can cause corrosion.

Monarch Water’s MD Kevin Johnson, commented; ‘Our stable of products are firmly focused to provide lifetime protection and benefits for our customers from scale and corrosion.

However, some customers may want a less intrusive way of protecting just their boiler and appliances from scale and corrosion. With the introduction of Combiclean we believe we have the ideal solution.

With a 360 degree turntable connection it can be fitted in under an hour. If you combine this with its revolutionary audible alarm then it is a serious option for every household affected by scale.’

Monarch Water are also launching a complementary filtration system, Combifilt.  The new filter, also with 360 degree connection, provides efficient protection against suspended dirt particles in water pipes, such as sand grains, rust particles and flakes that cause damage to water using appliances.

Monarch’s latest product launch continues its overall commitment to on-going product development and initiatives to help put its merchant and installer network first.

*based on average 4 person family – source Hot Water Association.

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