Power tool inventor goes cordless

Posted on 12 Dec 2017

Power tool inventor goes cordless

New products planned for 2018

Following the introduction of FEIN’s first cordless tool in 1983 the company has continued to innovate, offering cordless versions of all of its multi-tools, drill/drivers, nibblers, drywall screw guns and a host of other products. Even powerful machines such as the mag drill are now going cordless, with FEIN’s cordless mag drill accompanied with a new high power battery kit to support heavy application work, entering the market in early 2018.

Looking back
The industrial world has changed beyond recognition in the last 150 years. In 1867 the largest suspension bridge in the world was opened in Cincinnati, USA. The Suez Canal welcomed the first vessel through its waters and Joseph Lister discovered antiseptic surgery. It was also the year that Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company to manufacture electrical equipment.

Almost three decades after Wilhelm established his company, FEIN combined the power of an electric motor with a manual drill to develop the world's very first power tool.

Oscillating machines, which came to the commercial market in 1984 to work on the removal of car windscreens are today an unbeatably versatile and powerful tool range. The FEIN MultiTalent, MultiMaster, FEIN SuperCut Construction and FEIN SuperCut Automotive make up 4 of the best oscillating power tools on the market. Each system is synonymous with professional application solutions and unrivalled load handling with a solution for almost every requirement.

Lightweight, ergonomic and compact for optimum results, their dry wall screw guns are the specialist tools for drywall and interior applications while the metal screw gun, with models including the ASCS 6.3 Select Cordless focused on safe, consistent working with self-drilling and thread-moulding screws in roof and facade construction as well as heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Metal nibblers are extremely versatile and curve-compatible. The Fein BLK 1.3 T is particularly suited for trapezoid sheet metals, corrugated sheet metals, profiles and curved single rolled sheets up to 1.3mm.

Moving forward
Developments in the cordless category have all been made possible thanks to recent advances in batteries and chargers. The introduction of lithium ion has lead to longer working life, for example, meaning the number of cordless machines now available is on the rise.

With substantial growth in the cordless market 2018 brings great potential for a whole new generation of tools. New cordless angle grinders, die grinders and rotary hammers will ensure consumers have the tools they need for the jobs that need to be done

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