An Ideal website, designed for you

Posted on 25 Oct 2017

An Ideal website, designed for you

New online presence enhances service

Ideal Bathrooms has launched a new website to strengthen its support services.

Packed with a host of brilliant new features, the site takes the business’s digital communications to a whole new level.

Its rich functionality includes a live stock checking tool which is updated every 10 minutes, a quick order form for 24/7 ordering and order tracking.

How the website can help your business?

Easier communication

The new website complements Ideal Bathroom’s existing telephone support and email ordering services and provides another way for customers to communicate with the leading manufacturer of bathroom products.

The site’s functionality has been developed recognising that today’s merchant tends to be busy with numerous demands on their time. It provides a service that doesn’t always rely on someone being on the other end of the phone and that’s accessible whenever customers require.

Straightforward stock checking

Primarily the new site is a stock checking tool. Pre-launch research showed that Ideal Bathroom was receiving around 1,800 calls a day to its sales office with 75% of those calls enquiring about stock.

The main priority of the new website was to provide merchants and other customer with a simple way to view details and availability of the manufacturer’s range of 20,000 products, helping to improve their overall experience.

Reduced errors

Ordering online helps to reduce human errors such as misheard product codes which can happen when ordering over the phone. Ultimately, it gives customers much greater control and allows them to see exactly what they’ve ordered – and when they can expect to receive it.

Perfect for small businesses

Ideal Bathroom has a diverse customer base and the site’s huge array of features means it offers something everyone will find useful.

It is particularly suited to the needs of smaller businesses who may not have time to place orders during working hours. With the website, customers can order during the day, evening or night, and come back to their order as and when they have the time to do so.

An improved product bible

Previously, the Ideal Bathroom Yellow Price Guide has been the company’s ‘product bible’ but the new website builds on that. 

It includes all of the products listed in the price guide but with greater levels of product information. 99% of the products featured have images and additional details such as dimensions, warranties, spec sheets and assembly instructions – providing everything customers need in one place.

When logged in to the trade site, the website even pulls through customers’ net pricing.

If you haven’t been on to the new Ideal Bathroom website, why not give it a try?

Visit Or request your trade login today by visiting

If you have already tried the new site, Ideal Bathroom would love to know about your experience. The company welcomes all feedback as it enables the business to continually improve the platform and provide the best possible experience.

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