Marshalls Mortars and Screeds Releases New User Application: My Marshalls

28 Jun 2022

Marshalls Mortars & Screeds announces the release of a new user-friendly online ordering mobile application – My Marshalls. Designed to upgrade the purchase process from order to delivery, the new application replaces the now decommissioned former Marshalls premier mortars ordering application.

My Marshalls offers users full control to call-off existing sales agreements, amend orders and track deliveries, allowing for an entirely more efficient service. The application is currently available to existing customers that have an account with Marshalls, however, creating an account is extremely straightforward and requires only basic company information. This enhanced and optimised application experience will promote faster orders and deliveries for the customer, while also providing a more flexible service for ordering during busy projects and periods.

My Marshalls offers customers a range of benefits that will improve the service provided by Marshalls. The new dashboard on the My Marshalls application provides a central location point for a number of services, most notably relating to sales agreements, amending orders and order tracking. At the touch of a button you can create, edit and even cancel orders within reasonable timeframes from your sales agreement. The delivery tracking aspect of the application will not only feature a full log of the order’s physical journey, but it will also offer a real-time vehicle availability and visual map, active on the day of delivery to remain aware of likely delivery times.

Nick Bebb, Managing Director at Marshalls Mortars & Screeds said: “A lot has changed in the world of construction over the past few years and we want to make sure we are offering our customers the best possible service. Taking on board customer feedback, we reviewed our previous application and identified some areas that could be improved upon, resulting in the launch of an entirely new application and a user-friendly experience for our customers. We’re confident that My Marshalls will promote a much more efficient process from order to delivery.”

To discover more about the My Marshalls application, visit:

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