04 Jul 2024

Makita has expanded its range of 40VMax XGT cleaning products with the launch of the versatile, high-performance VS001G Cordless Vacuum Sweeper. The new addition can capture a wide range of waste types, including larger and bulkier materials, and boasts a 90% dust pickup rate.

 Powered by one Makita 40VMax XGT battery or two in parallel, the VS001G Cordless Vacuum Sweeper is ideal for use in a wide range of settings, including factories, warehouses, offices and hospitality venues as well as for sweeping exterior areas around buildings. The compact dimensions of the VS001G and the cleaning width of 650mm means that it easily fits through any standard doorway, ensuring ease of use and manoeuvrability. The robust machine is IPX4-rated, for enhanced splash water protection, making it suitable for outdoor use.

The VS001G features two height adjustable main bushes under the machine as well as a height adjustable side brush that allows effective cleaning to the edge of a wall. In standard mode these brushes operate at 500rpm and 160rpm respectively. Where minimising occupant disturbance is important, users have the option to lower the brush speed by selecting the quiet operating mode.

The VS001G Cordless Vacuum Sweeper has a dust collection capacity of 24 litres, which can be increased to 47 litres by using the dust bag accessory that can be purchased separately. This larger dust bag is ideal for collecting bulky waste such as fallen leaves or litter. The machine also includes a HEPA dust filter to capture and contain very fine dust particles and features a motorised filter cleaning function.

To help maximise power and productivity, the dust collection and brush rotation are driven by Makita’s brushless motors that minimise the energy wasted as friction and heat to deliver longer runtimes. When operating in standard mode the VS001G will achieve a continuous runtime of up to 200 minutes using two Makita BL4080F batteries in parallel. Where an extended runtime is required, Makita’s portable power packs (PDC01, PDC1200 and PDC1500) can be used.

Finally, the VS001G has been designed with ease of transportation and storage in mind. It is engineered to be as lightweight as possible and even with two 8.0Ah batteries attached it weighs just 33kg, making it lighter than many equivalent sweepers on the market. In addition, the handle of the VS001G can be folded flat to minimise the space required and the machine can be stored vertically or horizontally as required.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK commented: “For many cleaning contractors and facilities management teams, the VS001G Cordless Vacuum Sweeper will be an excellent addition to their equipment that helps them improve productivity, especially for jobs where loose debris needs to be collected swiftly and effectively.

“The continually expanding 40VMax XGT range now includes a wide variety of tools and machines utilised by the cleaning industry. This means customers can enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of a battery platform shared by a wide range of products.”

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