Know the best flooring choices

04 Jul 2022

Wood flooring brings natural luxury indoors

Floors for all budgets

The growing cost of living crisis could leave some homeowners wary of spending large sums of money on home improvements this year, but those who do decide to upgrade their properties will be looking for options that offer long-term benefits and real value in terms of enjoyment quality and future sale.

Wood flooring has always been a great way to improve your home. Durable and hardwearing, it adds a real sense of luxury and elegance that families will enjoy while living there, but which can also be a real lure for potential buyers when the time comes to put the home on the market.

There are four main types of wood flooring, all with their own benefits and suitability for different budgets: solid softwood or hardwood structural flooring in square-edge or tongue-and-groove profiles; solid wood decorative flooring using tongue and groove boards (softwood or hardwood); engineered flooring made from a solid wood layer bonded onto an engineered core such as plywood; and parquet flooring.

Create eye-catching displays

To maximise sales of wood flooring products, merchants should get creative with merchandising. People want to get a real feel of what the floor will look like in their home, so contact your suppliers to find out what merchandising units or marketing collateral they can provide, such as posters or literature that shows the products in-situ. People often have new floors fitted as part of wider home upgrades such as new kitchens or bathrooms, so siting the wood flooring in these areas of your showroom can encourage upselling.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Find out what room the flooring will be in, how heavy the footfall will be, and what the room’s humidity is likely to be – some woods are better suited to humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms than others. Also check the heating system, as wood floors used over underfloor heating should ideally have maximum board widths of 75mm and a moisture content between 6% and 8% to prevent future issues.

Whatever your customers’ requirements, TDUK suppliers offer flooring in a wide variety of finishes to suit any décor and budget, giving you a terrific opportunity to maximise sales.

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