Embrace the repair market

13 Jun 2022

Summer sun brings opportunities for repairs

Open the door to RMI sales

The summer months bring warmer weather, longer days and (hopefully) less rain, giving tradespeople the chance to work on projects that are harder to carry out during autumn and winter. Think about boosting your stocks of timber windows and doors, replacement

glazing beads and door weatherbars.

These products are found in most, if not all homes, all of which will be in need of periodic repair and maintenance work. It’s far easier to fit a new door or window when the sun is shining and you’re less likely to opening up the house to the vagaries of the British weather, which is why merchants often see an uptake in sales over the summer months.

Window boards can be made from softwoods, hardwoods and MDF, while replacement glazing beads are usually either softwood or hardwood. If you want to boost your stocks of these products for the summer, ask your TTF Supplier Member what sells best locally and be the first to market these products through your social media channels or counter flyers.

Energy efficient retrofit options

As well as summer repair work on windows and doors, the current focus on gas and electricity prices also offers opportunities for forward-thinking builders’ merchants who want to boost their sales.

Homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes to combat rising fuel bills may be interested in retrofitting their homes with more energy efficient products. Energy-efficient timber windows and doors can go a long way towards reducing a building’s heat losses which, in turn, can help reduce the amount of fuel needed to keep the building warm on colder days.

Wood fibre insulation and interior wood cladding are increasingly being used in domestic properties to help retain heat and reduce the amount of fuel required to get a building up to temperature.

Tradespeople fitting underfloor heating could also consider using wood flooring to help create the stylish look and warm, tactile feel that only wood can provide, as well as engineered sub-floor base materials to keep heat in and draughts out.

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