Birkdale Launches Vento Composite Fence Panel

10 Jun 2022

Gate and fencing specialist, Birkdale has launched Vento, a new composite fence panel to provide a durable and sustainable alternative to timber. The newest addition to the company’s popular DuraPost® range, the panels are easy to install and offer a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Allowing for the creation of ‘Hit and Miss’ style fencing, Vento is made from a durable blend of natural materials and plastic. Naturally resistant to rot, splitting, warping and cracking, it is a modern and low maintenance solution that does not require painting, treating or staining. Vento also helps to meet sustainability requirements, with every composite board featuring a minimum of 60% recycled plastic and waste husk material from the rice industry.

Composite products are superior to timber when exposed to harsh weather conditions, UV rays and other environmental factors such as insects and mould. Not only this, but Vento composite fence panels have been tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph. As such, they are incredibly strong and are backed with a 15-year guarantee as standard.

What’s more, Vento is incredibly easy to install and lightweight, with a pack of eight boards weighing less than 25kg. Best matched with DuraPost® steel fence posts, Vento panels can be used to create fences of 3, 4, 5, and 6ft. Simply fix three horizontal aluminium cross rails between the pre-installed DuraPosts® and slot the composite boards into place, fixing with just six screws per panel for a quick and high-quality installation.

For the finishing touch, complete the installation with a range of accessories such as DuraPost® gravel boards, capping rails and post caps.

All DuraPost® products and accessories are available in three colour choices: Anthracite Grey, Sepia Brown and Natural. Furthermore, Vento has been developed with full through colour so that in the event of minor scratches or damage, the overall attractive aesthetic is still maintained.

Antony Reed, DuraPost® Product Manager at Birkdale commented: “We are delighted to launch Vento and bring a sustainable and easy to install solution to the market. In fact, Vento is the only composite fence panel available that can be used to create ‘Hit and Miss’ style fencing, in addition to the standard close-board design.”

For more information on Vento, as well as the full range of DuraPost® by Birkdale products, please visit:


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