WE ARE FERNCO – Coming Soon

06 May 2022

Since 1989 we have been putting customers first. Through our innovation and R&D pipeline, solving everyday problems, through to the way we manage relationships, we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, while constantly evolving and improving our product range to meet the complex and extensive needs of our customers.

Being transparent in our actions and open in our communication is what defines us, and it is with this spirit of openness that we are proud to share the news that we are changing the name of our company, and our product range, to reflect the heritage and global excellence of our parent company – Fernco.

Over the last five years we have invested significantly in the modernisation of our UK operations and as a business we go from strength-to-strength. Strength, not only in our ability to continue leading the industry towards improved solutions, but strength in our unwavering customer focus and commitment towards a more sustainable world.

Becoming Fernco enables us to truly unite our purpose with our parent company and by sharing our name with other Fernco Group companies, we can unify our global identity, strengthen our resources and knowledgebase, while retaining our absolute focus on the markets we serve.

There are very real benefits to our UK customers by becoming Fernco. First and foremost, we can continue, at pace, to drive our innovation strategy across our entire product range, while integrating the resources, knowledge, and insights from our global partners. Being regarded as a business that solves problems is central to our values, and now, with the support of the Fernco Group, we can respond with even greater efficiency to the needs of our customers.

Through this communication we wish to reinforce our commitment to the markets we serve, both in the UK and overseas. Not only as a leading Made in Britain manufacturer and employer, but as a pioneering and innovative company at the centre of the construction industry. We are proud of our heritage and our reputation as a company that delivers real, added value solutions and it’s important that over the coming weeks and months as we transition to the Fernco name, we support our customers through this period of change.

The name Fernco signals a new and exciting chapter in our story, and we have a strong sense of duty to support our customers with solutions that enable us to deliver a healthier and more sustainable planet. As Fernco, we have a powerful opportunity to deliver a ‘one-planet’ sustainability roadmap that harnesses our collective responsibility as one global business.

Being agile and responsive to our customers’ needs is at the centre of everything we do, and it is for this reason that our production priorities will remain UK first, supporting our reputation as the first-choice partner both as a manufacturer and distributor for wastewater pipe connections.

With the support of Fernco Group, we will further advance our technical capability to ensure that we have the very best solutions available in the market to support a zero carbon future. This is a time of exciting change in our business, and I want to thank you, in advance, for your support as we transition to Fernco.

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