ACO launches new one-piece channel drainage system for pedestrian and parking applications

Posted on 03 Oct 2017

ACO launches new one-piece channel drainage system for pedestrian and parking applications

Ideal for stations, schools and car parks

ACO is proud to launch a new one-piece channel drainage system, for a wide-range of pedestrian and parking applications such as stations, schools, car parks and commercial areas.ACO MonoDrain™ PD100D’s high strength allows economical installation and long life performance through its one piece polymer Vienite® construction. Heelguard™ inlets and Load Class D 400* strength make the channels suitable for most pedestrian and parking applications and are compliant to BS EN1433:2002.

The design of ACO MonoDrain™ means that the D 400* load class product does not require as much concrete haunching as equivalent channels, and so saves on installation costs. The one metre channel is quicker to install than standard 0.5m sizes, and with no grates to install, even more time is saved.

ACO MonoDrain™ is an extremely strong and robust channel and achieves Load Class D 400* under BS EN 1433:2002 with a reduced haunch size of 100mm. Compared to ACO Monoblock which required 308kg of concrete per metre, ACO MonoDrain™ only requires 172kg. The reduced amount of concrete equates to approximately 43% per metre**The 1m channel units form the core of the range and are available in five constant depths. They range in height from 135mm, ideal where installation depths maybe restricted, to the deepest 305mm unit for maximum hydraulic performance.

• Load Class D 400*
• Less concrete haunching required
• Heelguard™ inlets in a Monocast construction

Available in a variety of aesthetic finishes, ACO MonoDrain™ channels come in three colour options: black, grey and natural, to provide specifiers and landscapers the opportunity to co-ordinate or contrast with the surrounding surfaces.

Furthermore, maintenance can be completed with ease via the lockable rodding access points, sumps and gully units, which allows the system to be efficiently cleaned by standard jetting equipment. ACO have developed an improved access unit, which incorporates a thermoset composite plastic frame and lid, giving protection from rust and giving an automatic locking function to the access unit. Incorporated into the system are popular features found on our MultiDrain range, like the plastic quick-to-cut end plates on the sump unit, and Multifunctional end caps.

Manufactured from Vienite®, ACO’s high performance recycled material, the system delivers the highest levels of quality, installation and environmental benefits required for modern construction projects, yet has none of the performance compromises associated with other recycled materials on the market.

*ACO MonoDrain™ PD100D system is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways - for these applications consider the use of ACO RoadDrain.
**150mm haunch Monoblock, vs 100mm MonoDrain for 0.0 channels.


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