Apply For A Merchant Account

Criteria for Membership

  • Your turnover is £500k per annum or more
  • You have a net worth of £50k or more
  • You are a bona fide independent merchant with a trade counter
  • You carry stock
  • You have been trading for a minimum of 2 years

If you feel you meet criteria please complete the application form below.

(I/We herein make application for 10 shares of £10.00 each plus £120.00 per share Premium in the National Merchant Buying Society Ltd, such shares to be issued in accordance with the rules of the Society, a copy of which I/We have received. Rules concerning membership are detailed on a downloadable PDF.

I/We undertake that I/We will remit to the Secretary by cleared funds no later than two working days following the last day of the month in respect of the previous months invoices. This application must be accompanied by a copy of a recent set of audited accounts. It is a requirement of the rules that you submit annual audited accounts every year.)

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Step 4 - History and Structure

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